Welcome to The Simplistic Road,

Hello beautiful people,

I'm Sophia. The Simplistic Road is an insight into my journey- a journey which began when hundreds of people connected through a letter I initially wrote as a healing tool, a way to express my struggles in words to my husband who didn’t quite understand to the extent of what I was going through at the time about my struggles with anxiety, hormones and coming off birth control which led to depression.

I then realised just how many people were going through similar struggles and experiences so I wanted to share my story.

I have always been a health and fitness nerd. This was built into me from an early age; my parents always encouraged us to be very active. We were blessed with a chef for a father - we always had very healthy and nutritious meals on our table. I have a great appreciation for fuelling my body with foods that make me feel good.

The Simplistic Road began as I was starting my journey; not only balancing my life between Bali & China with my incredible husband Jeremy but more importantly my hormones and anxiety. I want to share my raw and unfiltered, day-to-day experiences with you: how i manage my mental wellness, what works for me and how I use fitness and nutrition to keep my wellbeing in check.

I also want this to be a window into my raw and imperfect but beautiful world. From the outside looking in, it may seem I have it all, and it truly is the most beautiful life I could have ever dreamed of plus more. Unfortunately anxiety and depression don’t discriminate and you sometimes can’t explain why you have it.

A little bit about me -

I am 25 years old, originally from Auckland, New Zealand. I now live between New Zealand, Bali & China with my husband Jeremy who I met through a mutual friend connecting us through our love of fashion before starting my own brands ( @sukoustudios , @sukoustudiosmini , @aoiwatchco, @_thestore ) ! Jeremy, also originally from New Zealand has been based in China for a number of years where he runs his apparel production business, catering for brands from around the world. Together, we run a number of shared passion projects which creates one exciting and busy world.

Come along for the ride,

Soph x