What a roller coaster life is…I believe in miracles, I believe in the circle of life, I believe in seasons, the miracles of life is that it keeps on going. I am so excited to share that my family is growing, and so am I!!!


I have dreamed of being a mama and having my own family for as long as I can remember, I literally feel as though it’s a huge purpose to my life and its going to be what really molds me into my own… my family and my oldest girlfriends would even tell you that.

I have been afraid of almost everything in my life so far, from something as simple as opinions others may have had of me, to loosing someone I loved and could not imagine living without. Fear has kept me paralyzed, cancelling commitments and so many goals but what I have found through experience, research and learning is that I always have 2 choices I can let the “what if” be a negative or a positive.

I still have anxiety, I still deal with fear, I am still afraid but I am less and less of these things and I am becoming more and more grateful, full of joy, full of adventure and full of peace having this little growing human inside of me.

I wanted to start my pregnancy journey talking about all the ups and serious downs but all good intentions have not gotten around to it until now.
To put it lightly the first 19 weeks for me were really really tough with morning sickness that made me feel constantly hungover!! The first part of my pregnancy didn’t go how I had imagined, I had days where I was eating things I would never have normally dreamed of and also barely being able to move my body from being too sick… BUT it is insane to see what your body can do within a matter of months! I have been very open with my struggles and how much I have worked at training my brain to be strong and healthy and the bonus to that is a healthy and strong body. I would of fallen apart during this pregnancy if I had not of done the inside work necessary to keep me feeling purposeful when on some days confined to a bed. I have been feeling ALL the feelings of heightened hormones, joy, fear, all whilst trying my hardest to embrace and love my new curves and feeling this little baby inside of me.
For me, nutrition and movement is life - fear and anxiety loose their power as soon as you move, move your body, get in touch with feelings while moving (even on those days I wouldn’t feel like it, even going out for a 20 minutes walk around the park would change my entire mindset and mood and actually make me feel better!).
Working out has been an imperative part of my life while dealing with anxieties and depression, pregnancy has not become an excuse to put my feet up and eat for 2. I am keeping my heart rate lower than usual but still keeping up with my fitness routine (of course using common sense in mind), officially in training for the marathon of birth and being a new mama!
Exercise increases the flow of oxygen - enriching blood to your brain and to your baby! It elevates your mood, reduces stress, keeping the brain less focused on worries and flushes your entire body with endorphins, it will also boost your immunity!


‘The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts’ It has honestly taken me 26 years to start grasping this simple concept. But the more I learn about cellular connection and experience first hand the effects of negative or positive self talk I am continually blown away. Our current season does not define us. We are all constantly changing and constantly growing. Our circumstances do not define us…our attitude does. You are able to reinvent yourself at any moment. Maybe not in physical form but remember you are in total control of your thoughts, emotions, words and actions and those things build the foundation of constant reinvention.

What a difference a year can make it has been a year of massive change, a year of joy, a year of pain, a year of endless laughter and countless tears, a year of healing, a year of pure magic. Turn your mess into a message, your pain will become your purpose.
Pain can be a sensitive topic for most people because a lot of us believe that our pain is what is keeping us from our goals, we look at social media and see the successful people and we say to ourselves “well I would be able to do, but…” The truth is most of us have pain we are dealing with on a daily basis.

In a world full of hashtags, likes and analytics its more important than ever to take time for human connection.

I am so thankful for my health, my freedom, my family, my friends and most importantly this little miracle I am growing.

Reach out, touch in.

Soph xx